Hudson Little League Covid-19 Rules and Procedures UPDATED MAY 2021

Revised May 2021 to include changes to CDC and NYS Guidelines.

All individuals participating in any Hudson Little League game, practice or team activity will follow the following guidelines.


  • All players, coaches, volunteers and spectators are asked to proactively monitor their own health prior to attending any Hudson Little League activities. If body temperature is at or above 100.0 F, do not attend team activities. If experiencing cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea do not attend team activities.
  • All teams must have readily available the following items for use at all team activities: an adequate supply of hand sanitizer, a First Aid kit, equipment sanitizer.
    • Hand and equipment sanitizer should be used as appropriate.
  • A maximum of 4 people up top in the announcer’s booth to keep score are allowed.
  • Spitting, chewing gum and sunflower seeds are all PROHIBITED.
  • Concession staff are to wear face covers when serving food or otherwise interacting with patrons. Concession staff working together are to wear masks when they can not social distance from each other.
  • Players, coaches, volunteers and spectators will follow and respect all rules established at other teams home fields for away games.

In Game/Practice/Team Activity

  • In the event another game is being played, all arriving players, coaches, and spectators are required to wait to enter the area of the playing field until the prior game has vacated. In turn, all players, coaches, and spectators are required to vacate the area of the playing field promptly upon completion of their game.
  • Opposing teams may not be in the batting cage area at the same time.
  • Visiting teams will warm-up on their half of the field. The visiting half of the field consists of the entire third base side not to cross over second base.  Visiting teams will access the third base dugout by walking on the roadway entrance, around the outfield fence line and down the third base line fence line to enter the dugout.  The home team will warm-up down the first base line, not to cross second base and will enter the field using the stairs.  Coaches will be responsible to monitor safety distances to prevent a player from being hit by an errant throw from the other team.
    • Each team is permitted to use the entire field for a pregame infield/outfield session so long as no opposing team player is on the field.
  • Bleachers and or surrounding area in the roped/taped off area that are outside the doorways to the dugouts are used by team members so that Social Distancing can be maintained.
    • No spectator can be in the designated team areas. Spectators are expected to follow the current NYS and CDC guidelines for outdoor activities regarding mask wearing and social distancing.  Hudson Little League will not inquire regarding anyone’s vaccine status.
  • Pre-game conference at home plate will be limited to one coach per team and the umpires. These parties are expected to follow the current NYS and CDC guidelines for outdoor activities.
  • It is strongly recommended that only four players are in the dugout at a time. Players may take a mask break if they can social distance in the dugout and surrounding roped/taped area.  If the players can not social distance or are all together in the dugout due to circumstances such as a rain delay they must wear masks.  Players are not required to wear masks on the field.
    • Tee Ball level players may be asked to wear a mask on the field if at the coach’s discretion the team can not maintain social distance on the field.
  • Mound conferences should be limited to just the coach and the pitcher. The catcher can be included when the coach deems necessary. No other players are permitted to join. All parties must at their best estimate maintain a safe distance.
  • Post-game handshakes are replaced by both teams lining up on the base path in front of their respective dugout. Each team will tip their caps in the direction of the opposing team.